AN UPDATE REGARDING THE CURRENT COVID-19 PANDEMIC AND ITS CONTINUED IMPACT ON THE MANCHESTER BIRDING FORUM (13th May 2020): • All site threads on this forum are now fully reopened for sightings from any observers, but they and their posts must remain within the Government’s guidelines on what is currently acceptable. Forum users are expected to be sensible and use common sense with their need to be and actions when out, birding/exercising, and to seriously employ social distancing when doing so. • National and county rarities or those species which possess the possibility to attract numbers of birders/photographers etc should not be posted without very serious consideration to its likely impact on social distancing, particularly given the confines of the site itself. In any case, it remains best to contact me initially (I am available 24/7) to discuss options and likelihoods before publicly announcing any such species, on this forum or any other platform or service. • Still stay safe, Ian

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This forum is dedicated to the memory of Eva Janice McKerchar; rest in peace mum.